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All ASA Italy Reunion Cleveland 3rd 2010

All ASA Italy Reunion in Cleveland 3rd 2010

2010 Reunion Held in Cleveland (Again)

After Action Report by Jim Moran

A Hampton Inn Hotel Suite in suburban Cleveland was the familiar setting for the 2010 All ASA Italy Reunion as attendees gathered to once again eat, drink and reminisce about their time in Italy.

The reunion -- the eighth since 2000 and the third held in Cleveland -- kicked off Friday night in the suite graciously hosted by Tom Harris. Familiar war stories were told of the days of "the motel", "the apartment", Bar Valentino, Ravenna, Aviano, Vicenza and Devens -- names that have significance to only a very small group of Army vets who enjoyed what was probably the "best deal" in the Army.

Saturday was free time, with attendees sight-seeing around Cleveland. On Saturday night, the scene shifted to the fancy "LockKeeper's" restaurant about a mile away where we enjoyed good food, drink and more conversation.

Afterwards, we adjourned back to Tom's suite to discuss the location of the next reunion. As usual, no consensus was reached and we decided that the site would magically evolve through future discussion on the website. Possible cities mentioned included: Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Philly, Nashville and, oh yeah, Cleveland. Stay tuned.

Attendees at the 2010 reunion were Tom Harris, Bob Giddens, Rich and Toni Anderson, Jim Moran and Janice Quinn, Merle and Carol Houdek, Curt and Jeanette Malone, Mack and Karen McCusick and Joe and Tiziana Daffner.