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Det A, Aviano/Ravenna Reunion August 2000

Det A Aviano/Ravenna Reunion 2000

Det A, Ravenna. August 2000: For many of us our first reunion after a 35 years plus disconnect was at Mike Mulich's place outside (way outside) Augusta, Georgia and was smaller than expected but a great time I would not have missed for the world. A few photos appear at the bottom of the page. Richard Anderson and several others had met earlier in the mid-west, but that was unknown to us that attended the get together at Mike's.

After Action Report
Thanks to the internet and persistence by Mike Mulich a good number of us found each other again after a period upwards to near 40 years in many cases. We decided upon a reunion and held it at Mik's place in Augusta, Georgia. Not quite as many attended as planned, but a good time never the less.

Merle Houdek, Tom Harris, Maurice Kollstedt, Jim Moran, Mike Mulich, Dick Yokeley from the detachment and our ASA orphan George Hopkins (glad to have finally met you George and you are invited to all future gatherings.) attended.

Of course much BS was discussed and a good time had by all.

Food was plentiful and good. Thank you Mike.

A few photos were taken, but none of us thought of doing a group photo. I guess we are all getting old and having trouble maintaining multiple thoughts.

We all hope the people that had to pull out of attending for various unexpected reasons can make the next one.