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Malmsheim Germany Direction Finding Detachment & Site

"The detachment was just outside Stuttgart, Germany in Malmsheim, and it sat just off an old Luftwaffe runway. Guys there used to screw with the local model plane club by using the target transmitter to jam their signal....just drove them crazy."
~~Jim Sessoms via email

Malsheim DF Detachment sleeping and mess tentsRight tent is squad tent home of 7-8. Center is Mess Tent. Extreme left is the front tip of the NCO / Mechanic tent. The Pup Tent -- various uses (a few times as Mechanic's "shack" as in "UP" Photo and caption Cliff Ward.

"My name is Cliff Ward, and was assigned to Malmsheim when it was Detachment B of our AAU 8608 at Scheyern. I was NCOIC at the time we moved from the tents and op hut to the more permanent buildings and transfered to Memmingen just before it was turned over to Bad Aibling" The photos and captions to the left are all from Cliff.