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All ASA Italy Reunion Washington DC 2008

All ASA Italy Reunion Washington DC 2008

Reunion 2008, September, Washington DC Report by Jim Moran and as usual photos from Merle Houdek and Rich Anderson follow.


The 2008 ASA All-Italy Army Reunion was a big success as 20 vets and wives/spouses gathered on September 13 -15 in Arlington, not far from the Pentagon and the now-defunct Arlington Hall, one time HQ of ASA.Gracious host Tom Harris converted his Hampton Inn digs into a comfortable hospitality suite, Friday night complete with donated food and beverages and ample pizzas. Conversations and war stories went late into the evening, accompanied by photos and slides.

On Saturday, attendees went their separate ways, with many visiting the new memorial to the 9/11 attack on the lawn of the Pentagon. Saturday evening saw us at Portofino Restaurant, dining on familiar Italian cuisine and wine.

Afterwards, it was back to Tom's suite to do more damage to the supply of food and drink left over from the previous night. The subject of where to hold next year's reunion came up, as usual, and, as usual, no decisions were made.

Some cities mentioned as possibilities were Nashville, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Branson, Indianapolis and, strangely, Erie, Pa. The discussion continued through Sunday breakfast and ended as attendees headed for home and other destinations.

Truly, another memorable reunion. The attendees, representing Italy ASA ops in Aviano/Ravenna, Lecce/San Vito and Vicenza were: Tom Harris, Rich and Toni Anderson, Jim Moran and Janice Quinn, Curt and Jeanette Malone, Bob and Linda Miller, John and Anne Perkins, Mel and Linda Erman, Merle and Carole Houdek, Charlie and Fanny Hodges, Jerry Sharpe and Mack and Karen McKusick.