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All ASA Italy Reunion Myrtle Beach 2003

ASA Italy Reunion 2003 in Myrtle Beach

September 19-21, 2003 in Myrtle Beach: Host John Perkin's photo page is here (link is broken - can't find John's photo page) and our After "Action Report" from Jim Moran. Photo gallery follows after action report.


Philadelphia Oct 2003 Jim Moran—Not even a raging Hurricane Isabel could keep veterans of the 600th ASA Company's Italy DF contingent, from gathering in Myrtle Beach, S.C. recently for their 2003 annual reunion.

Probably recognizing that she didn't stand a chance against the formidable gusts of wind that would be generated by hours of war stories being told in Hospitality Central (Mulich and Harris' room) Isabel discreetly decided to bypass balmy Myrtle Beach and come ashore further north instead. (Did she really think that a gang of guys who in their past had waged war with countless crazy Italian drivers and consumed vast quantities of local kerosenes (er, that is, wine) would be intimidated by a silly little storm with a sissy name? Nah.)

So, eleven intrepid warriors and their wives, 18 people in all -- gathered at the Breakers Hotel for two days of relaxation, reminiscence and attitude-adjustment, superbly orchestrated by John Perkins. The first night, Friday September 19, saw attendees gather in Hospitality Central with its breezy view of the beach 18 stories below. Then, we all went to dinner down the street at a very nice seafood restaurant and then retired back to the Hospitality Suite.

Next day, guests struck out on their own visiting some of the attractions around Myrtle Beach and in late afternoon, gathered again in the Hospitality Suite for pre-dinner cocktails. Then we went to another nice restaurant, this time Italian, at which we all lamented that, good as the food was, it didn't hold a candle to the authentic dishes we used to consume in Italy. We finished off the evening again over drinks in Mulich and Harris' room, just like some of us used to do nightly many years ago at the Motel Romea. Some things never change.

Next morning came a farewell breakfast and we then went our separate ways. But before we all split, John Perkins graciously offered to organize next year's reunion in Charleston, S.C. Since everybody agreed that this year's reunion was close to perfection, we quickly agreed to take Perk up on his offer. So, it'll be next fall in Charleston on a date to be decided. Our deepest thanks, John!

Those attending the 2003 reunion were Anne and John Perkins, Richard and Wandra Early, George and Shelby Creel, Mac and Karen McKusick, Rich and Toni Anderson, Merle and Carol Houdek, Curt and Jeanette Malone, Dick Yokeley, Mike Mulich, Jim Moran, and Tom Harris.