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All ASA Italy Reunion Cleveland 2nd 2007

All ASA Italy Reunion in Cleveland 2007

May, 2007 Cleveland, Ohio for the second time: Once again a reunion "After Action" report from Jim Moran and photos provided by Merle Houdek and Rich Anderson follow the report.

After Action Report by Jim Moran

It was "ASA Almost All the Way" (after all, we're getting old) as 18 vets from the agency's Italy stations -- plus wives -- gathered in the Cleveland suburb of Independence May 19-21 for the sixth (almost) annual All-Italy ASA Reunion at the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel.

Crammed into the living room area of one of the suites, the reunion featured veterans from such Italy posts as Vicenza, Ravenna, Lecce, Aviano and Verona with a variety of MOS's represented. It was the best attended of the group's reunions, which began in 2000.

Friday night saw a general get-together with a ton of donated food and beverages and nine purchased pizzas. War stories were told in abundance -- some even true -- and more than a few even illustrated by photos from some 40 years ago.

On Saturday, the attendees were free to pursue their own activities and on Saturday night, we gathered nearby at Harry's Steakhouse for a great dinner. That was followed by another get- together in the hospitality suite.

As to where and when the next reunion will be held, there was talk of having it in Washington or Ravenna (Italy, not Ohio). So, stay tuned for further discussion on the DF website.

Those attending the 2007 reunion were: Merle and Carol Houdek, Nelson and Mary Ann Massingale, David and Doris Shaw, Harry Austin, Jim Moran, Bill James, Rich and Toni Anderson, Mac McKusick, Eugene Vanderpool, Curt and Jeanette Malone, Ted and Annie Rhuark, Joe and Tiziana Daffner, Maurice and Rosanita Kollstedt, John Morgan, Norm and Roberta Sheehan, Jim and Wanda Epps, Dale and Holly Hayes, and Jack Kelly.