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Working Supply in Vicenza - H Roger Miller 600th ASA Company

My name is Roger Miller. I was stationed with the 600th ASA company from Late October 61 to May of 64. Work down stairs with CWO Allen, Neil Minelli, and later SSG Robinson. CO was MAJ promoted to LTC Calhaun. Minelli went upstairs some time in 62/63 to work as parts clerk for maintenance. I think it was Wayne Yale and Jack Wester from the Motor Pool that brought you the company vehicles down during the winter storm of 62/63. The motor SGT for the 600th was SSG Paterson and we used to sing the Mickey S-M-O-U-S-E song behind closed doors for the benefit of the 1SGT. It was usually my job to get you all of those ESSO gas Stamps from the consolidate Property account. At that time I swore you guys were either selling them, or trading them for booze, women or both; now I'm sure. Company OPS SGT was SFC Linquists and SFC Pryor.

I visited the DET (Ravenna) once in 63 with CPT Kormos, don't remember why now, Probably the dammed stamps. I know a bit about the 600th and what went on at the company level from 61/64. If I can help in putting pieces to gather let me know.

The post at Vicenza was the first Pentomic army. Shooting Corporal missile when I got there. They were loaded just before firing with liquid fuel (guys in hot papa suits) Early in 62 they went to solid fuel and the Sergeant missiles.

The most memorable event that took place was went Kennedy was shot, post went to 100% alert and lock down. Later a parade with everyone there and the company went to the parade field with the CO, 1SGT, all 30 or so of us and we had no place to come on line because they didn't know that we were on post.
H. Roger Miller