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75th / 600th USASA Company, Saint George

Hi Tom: I lost my modem a week ago and just got in fixed up today. Glad to send any info and photos I have. I wish I had one of the company sign in Aviano. I do have the "mascot" replica of St. George on his horse. I'll take a photo of it and send it along to you. Maybe that will spark some remembrance from other guys.

company Sign mascot model

St George, 75th ASA company signThe story behind St. George: When I arrived in Aviano in January, 1959, Major McFadden had only been there a few weeks, if that, to oversee a courts martial concerning a mutiny by some members of the 75th. Pretty solemn stuff, and I never really got all of it, but one 058 committed suicide with his M1 while on duty. George F. Hardwick, Captain, was commanding, and then became XO to McFadden who stayed on to be CO. Morale was very low, and you could feel the tension throughout the ranks. McFadden shook things up, put thru some transfers, a couple went to prison or at least got some kind of administrative attention, and he looked for something to rally the troops.

St. George was the brain child of two very smart short-timers, who found a shop in Pordenone where they could have these little replicas made. Hence the sign, too. It was sometimes referred to as Don Quixote tilting at Windmills, but it took the pain off of the faces and put smiles back on.

Mel Erman