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McFadden's Jeep 75th USASA Company, Italy

McFadden's Jeep

Another morale move, as well as an incentive to straighten out a motor pool MOS who was always in trouble, was what I thought of as "McFadden's Jeep." The major let him do whatever he wanted to do to get him the best looking jeep in Italy. He couldn't get in anymore trouble, article 15s, etc, or he was off the jeep. He answered only to McFadden, and mostly stayed out of sight for about 2 weeks. When he unveiled the jeep, every thing that could be chromed, was chromed, inside and out. McFadden didn't know whether to Section 8 the kid or kill him. But, sensing what it meant to the kid, McFadden let him drive him around the tarmac on the airbase -- as McFadden thought anyway, who could look more unmilitary than the airforce personnel. The next job was to dechrome the jeep before we had a command inspection..... Mel Erman

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