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specialist sp 5
irv Freedman from latham, ny
Served from 1954-57.Ft Devans to Kenai Alaska then to Adak Alaska then back to Ft Devan

s where I taught DF
Posted at 3:43:pm 07/07/15
DF operator
Jim Heth
Basic training-Ft Jackson(Sept,62-Nov,
Advanced training-Ft. Devens (Nov,62-Sept.63) Attended 058 School, passed 21wpm;Transferred to 056 (DF), graduated Sept 63

First Duty Station-177 USASA Co. Camp Humphries, Korea
(Sept,63-March,65) DF operator at local Det ;RFP operator;Trick Chief.

Second Duty Station-330 USASA Co. Ft Walters, TX(April,65-Sept.65)
Discharged- Sept. 65
Posted at 11:49:am 27/10/15
DF operator
Jim Heth
Thanks for this site. I joined the Army Sept. 1962. Basic at Ft Jackson, SC. Arrived Ft. Devens Nov. 1962. Started 058 school late January 1963. Transferred to 056 (DF)Spring, 1963. Graduated 056 school i Sept.1963. Assigned to the 177 USASA Co. in Camp Humphries, Korea Sept 63-March65. Assigned to the 330 USASA Co. March65-Septembe 65. Released from active duty in Sept 65.
Posted at 1:02:pm 09/11/15
DF Operator
Joe McDermott from Sierra Vista, AZ
Fort Devens 1973-74 (Basic Morse Course; 05H School; 05D School; TAOT)
326th ASA Co (Fwd Ops), Augsburg, Germany 1974-75
409th ASA Co (Rear Ops), Augsburg, Germany 1975-76
Posted at 2:23:pm 09/11/15
Detachment at Pocking Germany
Larry Phillips from Kansas City, Mo.
Was at Pocking in 1972 when we closed the site and all operations moved to Augsburg. ETS was then with ASA drop. Not sure it was my best move to leave the service but did enjoy time sevedin Germany and Ramasun Station Thailand
Posted at 11:19:am 22/12/15
EMS/IT/OT Analyst
Douglas Decker from Austin Texas
Servered at DF Detachment Bad Aibling from 1973 till 1975. Some time referred to as Wildboar(?) Serverd with SFC Ronald L. Williams, SGT Rich Owens, Tom Ayers, Terry Guess, Carl Noe, Bill Ross and others. We were out of Augsburg but in Bad Aibling. I have never seen a word or a mention of our unit. If anyone has any information for me on Df Det Bad Aibiling would appreciate an email.
Posted at 9:43:am 29/12/15
Elint/Sigint ops 1964-68
James Black from Trinity, Fl
Trained at Ft Devin's as 098J, Served 39 months in Germany. 318th Herzo Base, Furth Army Air field also know as Montieth Barracks as part of the 507th USASA Fld Gp A in 66 - 67. Finished up tour at Baumholder 507th HQ. Company. The ASA field detachment at Furth Army air field are my most memorable years. Flying with Colonel Smith and Captain Paruti on numerous missions along the East German border. Thanks to Sgt. Dick Opperman and all my friends at the above posts and the good years enjoying the German Culture.
Posted at 1:48:pm 14/01/16
Retired and enjoying life
Jim Wilson from Albany, Oregon
I was a 33c Intercept receiving systems repairman. Big title for a redio repairman! Ft Ord-Jul-Aug73, Ft Devens-Sep73-Aug74, Augsburg-Sep74-Aug75 Schleswig-Sep75-Jul7 Officialy discharged in Augsburg July 8, 77 on a European discharge. Then traveled throughout all of western Europe and Morroco. Late Sept I ended up in northern Scotland with 8 inches of wet snow weighing my tent down. Sold my car in Glasgow, overnite bus to London, and flew back to the states. Should have traveled north first and had been down along the Mediterranean in late Sept--who knows how long I would have stayed. I would have reenlisted if I could have stayed in Europe, however they said I had to do a tour stateside. In hindsite I should have reenlisted...It all worked out, got a job with the postal service, stayed on the civil service retirment plan when they switched over. Retired at 55, 6 years ago and my 4 yrs military counted on my civil service for a total retirement of 36.5 years. I did enjoy my 4 years in the service.
Posted at 2:21:pm 31/05/16
D/F Analyst (986.10)
SP/5 Patrick Martin from Herzo Base
Served at Herzo from 1960 to 1963. My time there was well spent. My ASA duty tour was one of the best to times. Our section was frequently attached to aggressor forces (German & American) operating primarily against SF units in Bad Tölz area. Later with SF as 05B4S.
Posted at 3:29:pm 04/06/16
Richard Holsinger from Homosassa,Fl.
I entered the ASA 1953. Became a cook after basic. Later on I xfered to the motor pool. From there I attened school for morse code and became an 05H. Went korea, Panama,Vietnam (Plieku 330TH). My first over seas was the 12TH field sta. from 53to56. My last duty sta. was Augsburg Germany I retired from Ft. Devens June 1973
Posted at 8:38:pm 15/07/16
DF Op (056)
William Dowdell (MSG Ret) from England
I was at Det B in Bremen from 1954 to May 1955 when West Germany received it's independence so we we moved briefly to Bremerhaven. Then sent to Malmsheim in 1955 until August 1956 when discharged. Worked at Raytheon in Bedford, MA until October 1957 then re-enlisted in the ASA. Sent to the Philippines. With the 9thUSASA from 1957 till 1960. Then shipped to Rothwesten from 1960 till October 1963. Married in the interim. Switched over to the Air Force (USAFSS) and served in 1965 to 1967 at San Vito dei Normanni as a morse system controller and then to RAF Chicksands from 1967 to 1976 when retired as mission supervisor.
Now living in England
Posted at 9:34:am 25/08/16
An ASA Family
John O. Welch from Huntsville Alabama
I am the son of MSG Obed N. Welch. MSG Welch -re-entered the Army in 1948 and spent the next 20 years as a Mess Sergeant in ASA units from Frankfurt, Baumholder, Arlington Station, Korea, Okinawa, Herzo Base, Fort Walters, and Pleiku VN before retiring. He passed in 1974 from 30+ years of smoking.
I was a great life for my family. My brother was a 98G (Russian) for 10 yrs before getting out and going to get a degree at Texas A&M. My sister was an analyst and made warrant officer with duty in Berlin and Augsburg.
I served outside the ASA fold as a Signal Officer for 27 years retiring in 1968. My older son is an infantry officer commanding 2d Bn 30th Infantry at Fort Polk. My younger son served for four years as a transportation officer with a year leading logistics patrols in Southern Baghdad. I was very impacted by growing up around the world in this ASA community.
Posted at 3:14:pm 03/11/16
gale oleson from kansas city
Nha Trang August 1970-71
Ft Meade 1971-72
I was about the only guy at my analyst desks without a college degree so thanks to all of them for pointing out the advantages of a sheep skin. Medical school after college. Be nice to hear from some of the guys who remember me. "Ole"
Posted at 1:43:pm 14/01/17
33C,33S, 33T4R
Charles McDowell from Currently reside in the Philippines
Joined in 71, Got to Devens and spent a life time there Oct-71to Jan 74 with a 3 month TDY to ESL for Guardrail IIA maintenance training, them off to Germany to the 330th ASA Avn Co (Fwd). I was there from Jan 74-Jun 78when I was forced back to Devens to trade in my piece part repair training to become a black box switcher. (102-F35 Course. On to Ft Huachuca in July 79 where I did R&D with the Electronic Proving Ground. Reenlisted to go back to the 330th, arriving in Jun 81 for Guardrail V. Departed Jun 84 for VHFS and Signals Warfare Laboratory. Got out in 85 and became a defense contractor for INSCOM and later CECOM. Retired in 2014.
Posted at 12:20:am 05/02/17
asa info
richie from Tampa Bay area
My grandfather was a high speed radio operator stationed in and around memmingen Germany between 50 and 55 . If anyone is connected to that area and time frame?
Posted at 9:03:pm 15/02/17
Signal Maintenance
Jerry Darr from Mesa AZ
Ft Ord Basic Sep 1964
Ft Devens Nov 1964-March 1965 33C20
3RD RRU Saigon April 1965
144TH Avn Co RR Nha Trang Sep 1965-Oct 1967
Vint Hill Farms 1968 SP5 Worked in the "Barn"

Retired Computer Tech Support Engineer
Posted at 1:04:pm 31/05/17
Tom Gardner from Conyers, GA
Enlisted Jan. 1969. Then went to Ft. Devens for 33B and 33G training. My first assignment was the 7th RRFS in Thailand. Then was assigned to Det. C. Shulinko in Taiwan. Our detachment was at CCK Airbase in Taichung, Taiwan. I was able to bring my wife for a command sponsored tour. I got a six month early out when they shut down our mission in 1972.

Posted at 11:56:am 04/09/17
Tom Gardner from Conyers, GA
Enlisted Jan. 1969. Then went to Ft. Devens for 33B and 33G training. My first assignment was the 7th RRFS in Thailand. Then was assigned to Det. C. Shulinko in Taiwan. Our detachment was at CCK Airbase in Taichung, Taiwan. I was able to bring my wife for a command sponsored tour. I got a six month early out when they shut down our mission in 1972.

Posted at 12:02:pm 04/09/17
David Shaw from Dallas Ftworth Texas
Great to find my old colleges up and running. Served 76-77 era Thanks for the site effort..Had a special group of folks during my service.. Quite small-Quite special
Posted at 4:07:pm 21/09/17
SP5 33B, 33C, 76U
Ray Eller from Central Texas, SW MN & SE Louisiana
Ft. Leonardwood, MO 1967; Ft. Devens 67-68; Sinop, Turkey 68-69; 3rd Corp Ft. Hood, Tx (TDY Bad Aibling Germany while at Hood; ETS 1971.
Posted at 5:36:pm 07/12/17
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