Military Detail:

Name: Giddens, Bobbie R PFC>SSG MOS 056

  • 75th/600th ASA Co Ravenna Italy 59-62 & 63-66
  • 600 ASA Co Lecce Italy 65
  • 75 ASA Co Aviano Italy 59-61
  • Det 4 Sinop Turkey 62-63

McCordsville IN

Op in Aviano and Ravenna 600 ASA Co. On site survey/test team for Ravenna 600 ASA Co & Lecce. Later Site Chief of Both plus NCOIC in Vicenza

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Bobbie R Giddens, 75th / 600th ASA Company and Point Site, Det 4 Turkey

Bob spent time at both dets in Italy and several times as Site Chief at Ravenna and Det B after it moved on the Air Force base at (Photo to the right; Bob Giddens at Bob Giddens at Ravena, Det A in mid 60sRavenna site circa 65/66) San Vito. He was also part of the test team with John Rhuark and others for both Dets A and B (Avianno-Ravenna, Lecce, San Vito & Vicenza Italy).

Anyway Bob finally married a German gal and got kicked out of ASA. All that time in Italy and married a German lady? Well, Bob does things a bit different.

According to him his military career (which isn't really over yet as he is double dipping as a civilian employee of the DOD) went something like this:

Army Oct 58 - Jul 88
Aviano from Oct 59, Ravenna, (Editor note: Bob left out that he got out of the Army after we moved to Ravenna -- got back in a few months later and did a tour in Sinop and then came back to Ravenna as Site Chief for the second time) Vicenza, Devens from Aug 67 until about Mar 68 (married Aug 67 - German, no waiver, kicked out of ASA in Mar 68), Bragg (Signal Corps, Platoon Sergeant!), Andrew (son) born Nov 69, Vietnam all of 70, Fort Bliss, Vietnam again, Bragg, Nicole (daughter) born Mar 74. Became Legal NCO, Fort Stewart (Hunter Airfield) Butzbach (3rd Armored Division), Fort Benjamin Harrison, Heidelberg. Retired from Army in Jul 88.

Then did a bit of Indigent Defense Coordinator for Daugherty County Judicial Circuit, Albany, Georgia. Paralegal with Fort Benjamin Harrison Legal Office (base closure in 95). Finance Supervisor with DOD, Indianapolis. Late 96 to present a Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, EEO Office, DFAS Indianapolis, DOD Late 97. Divorced.