Military Detail:

Name: Harris, Thomas

Rank at Retirement: MSG
MOS: 98Z
Aviano Italy 75th USASA Company
Jun 60 - Mar 61
Ravenna Italy 600th USASA Company
Mar 61 - May 64
Site 23 Turkey Det 27
Jun 65 - Apr 67
Phu Bai Vietnam 8th RRFS
Dec 70 - Dec 71
Schleswig Germany Det A USASAFS Augsburg
Jun 76 - Jun 78 
Atlanta GA 30305

Also assignments in Devens (3 times), Homestead, Pleiku, Thailand, Arizona, Ft Meade, Vint Hill Farms and retired out of Augsburg in 81.

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Tom Haris, Webmaster, USASADF Net

Tom Harris, Aviano AFB 1960 In front of the TRDA-4A hut on Aviano, AFB, Italy, summer 1960. Since photo obviously  summer and I'm wearing PFC stripes this has to have been taken before I wrecked McFadden's Jeep and gotten busted to Private E-2.

Horseshoes at Det Haus Schleswig GermanyPlaying horseshoes with Tiny Meyers circa 1977 at the "Det Haus" Schleswig Detachment, Germany. Getting beaten badly, if I remember correctly, and I'm sure that I do. The overall occasion was a detachment party, Most likely the party was Independence Day 1977.

Wife in autoMy to be future wife, Margrit (Houedke), circa 1978 in Schleswig, Germany. We married in 1984, She passed-on by accident in 2012.

Two SonsWith my two sons (Benjamin and Robert) around 1999 in Schleswig, Germany.

Stayed in the ASA and retired in 1981 in Augsburg, Germany. Married there and have two sons in Northern Germany.

Between Aviano/Ravenna and retirement in 1981 were assignments in Homestead AFB, Devens, Ankara (Site 23/Det 27), Pleiku, Saigon, Con Son Island, Song Mao, Vint Hill Farms, Ft Huachuca, Bangkok, Phu Bai, Devens (again), Ft Meade, Schleswig, Augsburg.

MugshotSince retirement have made a living of sorts selling cars, insurance, manager of H&R Block office, owner of H&R Block office, car insurance, travel, security guard, cold call selling of all sorts of things, marketing antiques & collectibles on the internet (mainly eBay), TI consultant/store management for a budding museum. AND presently a 3rd-party seller on Amazon.

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