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A Bit of Schleswig Detachment History

Regarding the start of Schleswig Detachment

From: "Ray Tsuneyoshi"
Subject: RE: Schleswig:Det A
Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 11:25 AM

"As far as the original 16, on the Det A list provided by Gary Morgan has a longer list than 16 names so will have to review and talk it over with people like Gary to figure out who was in the vanguard.The names I remember were, Sgt Willoughby, Gary Baasch, Tom Sheets, Gary Morgan, Barney Batchelor, Ed Joos, Jack Pickett, Gordon Stamper, Gary Benedict, Ed Yost, Larry Buesgens, Lee Moss, Ray Craig, Mark Heisler and myself. In the first 6 months there was a rotation of the maintenance guys because of the different skills required in the actual installation of the original site."

Best I have been able to determine, Schleswig Detachment was initiated in the 1966/67 time frame when the Bremerhaven Detachment was closed/relocated? Also in the same time frame a DF effort was initiated at the Luebek Detachment (which I guess had primarily an intercept mission). TomH