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Maurice Kollstedt, one of the many detachment members to marry a local Ravenna gal, and, a frequent visitor to Ravenna, has provided a series of recent Ravenna area photos focusing on places many of us probably remember but may not easily recognize today.

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USASADF Net Photo Album - 75th/600th Det A - At The Spatenbrau

Spaten beer bottle

Hey guys, I know it was not really named the Spatenbrau and the beer served was mostly Lowenbrau, but that was the sign out front when we first went and it will be forever more the Spatenbrau to me. In the early days this was our main winter Pizza and Beer joint in Ravenna. In the summer the Pizza cook went to the Pinetta (Spelling?), a beer garden in Milano Marittima and so did we (there were a good many accidents by detachment members returning to Ravenna from Milano Marittima -- I know; two of them were mine).