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Maurice Kollstedt, one of the many detachment members to marry a local Ravenna gal, and, a frequent visitor to Ravenna, has provided a series of recent Ravenna area photos focusing on places many of us probably remember but may not easily recognize today.

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USASADF Net Photo Album - 75th/600th Det A - Casa della Aie

This group is of the Casa della Aie where many guys thought was their second home. I did not spend much time there unless we had a party or something so I cannot tell any stories about this place. Today you have to stand in line just to get in. The people out in front are waiting to get in. Willy is the Italian showing the sign, he was a teenager who many of the Americans remember. Willy wanted to be an American and got his wish some years later. He joined the service and became an American. Casa della Aie was the last stop for one or two guys who had a little too much and got into accidents on the way home from Milano Maritima. I have to agree with you that the beach was much better when we were there. Many places were still wild and no bars or beach houses between Punta Marina and South. Today the whole area is one big beach. One night a bunch of us started a fire on the beach on a Friday night and kept it going with drift wood until Sunday evening. We slept out on the beach and kept our wine cold by leaving it in the ocean. You cannot do that today.