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Ayer ASA Lunch Gp List Manager
Kevin Meyers from Nashua, NH
Nice site Mac! Enjoy your winter in Florida.

98J20 & 30
Posted at 3:29:pm 13/12/17
33S20 Electronic Warfare Systems Repair, O5H
Philip Steiner from Bakersfield
I was there from 76 to 78 as a 33S20. It was one of the most memorable times there both the comrades and the locals. I remember you Mike shaw and Jim Wilson. Others too. Good times there.
Posted at 2:09:am 16/12/17
EW/Intercept System Repairer CMF 33
Brian T. Borders from Buffao, NY
Just found your site.

I worked on the systems at Fort Devens, MA from 1982-1994.

AN/TRD-15 & 23
R-725 & Racal R-2174 Receivers

Posted at 1:13:am 05/01/18
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