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One of 15 copies of 1st day of issue, FS Beer Labels signed by the Brau Meisterof the Thorbau Braueri. Courtesy of J.W. Crisp. Used by permission.

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Foam of the Professionals - Field Station Augsburg

Foam Of The Professionals

"Field Station Augsburg now has its own beer. At least in name. On January 12th (1981) ceremonies at the Thorbräu Brewery in downtown Augsburg, FSA became one of the first United States military units in USAREUR to have a beer bottled for it.

The idea of coming out with a FSA beer was thought up by Field Station Commander Col(onel) Seab W. McKinney during a "Bring Your Boss Night" at the Sheridan MCO Club where the idea was passed along to Sgt. Justin Crisp and Staff Sgt. Randy Lenser.

"I asked them if they thought it was a good idea and they said 'yes' so I gave it to them to work out," McKinney joked at the ceremony.

The first draft for the label was drawn up by Crisp and Lenser in Mid-September (1980). By December, the first proof sheet of the newly designed labels were approved by McKinney and production was under way.

The cost for a case of beer is currently DM 13, and can be bought from the brewery. Crisp hopes that it will soon be available for sale through AAFES and in the military club system around Augsburg."

Sources: Original article appeared in the Augsburg Profile Community Newspaper, Vol 15 February 1992. The beer label image in the left column provided to Arne Mahlum of the web site (Field Station Augsburg) where the label image and article extract first appeared. Used by permission of Arne Mahlum. (Personal note: I had several cases of this beer over the years and always with the thought, "I better put a bottle away for memories later." Never did unfortunately. TomH)