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Memorial Home of the USASA Worldwide DF Net

The USASADF Net is about the United States Army Security Agency (USASA) people who served with the High Frequency Radio Direction Finding (HFDF) Detachments and Sites Worldwide from the end of World War II through the end of the Cold War.

Guarded entry post and sign to USASADF Net

Also covered are those direction finding sites ( only a couple or so) that continued to operate after the Army Security Agency ceased to exist in 1976 and it's assets and people were rolled largely into the newly formed US Army Intelligence and Security Command (USAINSCOM).

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The web site presently consists of about 150+ active pages and over 1000 content images (thumbnails, navigational and style images not counted) directly on site pages and/or in linked photo albums (photos counted only once regardless of how many times they may appear on the site). There are also 9 embeded videos on the site.

Mike Mulich*, George Hopkins, Jim Moran, Al Stewart, Rich Anderson, Maurice Kollstedt, Bryon Laycock, John (Ted, Hoop) Rhuark, Jim DeChurch, Merle Houdek, Bob Giddens, Mac McKusick, Joe Olsavsky*, Mel Erman, Cliff Ward, Arvid Bessent, Jim Sessoms, Bob Snelling, Richard (Chick) Foote, Steve Roberts, H Roger Miller, Charlie (Chuck) Daniels, Mark Scott, Doug Meadows, Errol Betzenberger, Tom Syma, Arne Mahlum, Mrs Fred, Doug Elam*, Emmett Cox, Ron Knief, Ed Johnson, Robert Frantz, Wayne Grover, Jim Lubaczewski, Jim Luster, Paul Marshall, H Roger Miller, Jim Phillips, Larry Kudlac*, Ray Tsuneyoshi, Dick Warwick, Dick Yokeley*, Tom Young, Richard McClung, Richard Early, John Perkins, Brian Alpert, Richard Austin, Mike Benton, Robert Harris, Duane Haneckow, Enrico Allison (Dave Allison's son), Charlie Hodges, Bob Miller, James Barney Reynolds, Nick Snider, Neil Piercey, Wayne Rupp, Jim Busbin, Wayne Atwell, Robert M. Garrison, Richard Haley, Gerald J Geoffrion, Dick Brannan, Stan Perdue, Joe Shapiro, Richard Kremzier, Bill Trapp, Bill Kosek, Sam Bassett, Richard Bridges, Don Fulton, Jim Croy, Albert Russo, Quin Allred, Willy Graziani, J.W. Crisp, Norm Kitchin, Tim Johnson, Orval Hart, George Creel, Jim Miller, Dave Black, AND HOPE TO PUT YOUR NAME HERE ALSO...


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